Saturday, May 02, 2020

Kansas City Blogger Considers Decline Of U.S. Amid Coronavirus

A bleak analysis from a Kansas City scribe forgets how hard the pandemic is hitting other nations as well . . . To his credit, MO Rage doesn't seem as gleeful as other pundits but, predictably, references Prez Trump as part of the problem.

The US, This Pandemic and the Coincidental Fall of An Empire

Holy cow, folks. You ought to read this article. It's by Chauncey DeVega at Salon. He interviews Chris Hedges. Important, if also scary to the point of frightening. It is truly an eye-opener.


Anonymous said...

Just another anti Trump piece by Herr MoRage Herr Byrons lover. No news here just gloom and doom by those who are the real cause of it all.
Nazis shut down free speech
Nazis confiscated guns
Nazis were socialists
Nazis controlled the media
Nazis blamed the ones they persecuted.
Nazis were pro-abortion
Nazis destroyed statues
Nazis rewrote history
Nazis used violent intimidation
The Nazis are back, AKA The Democratic Party

Anonymous said...

The USA is an empire in decline! Terminal decline. As HST said: "The only thing that's new is the history, you don't know." Dick Marcinko said it best: "DOOM ON US!"

Byron Funkhouser said...

7:16, everyone waving a Nazi Flag is a right wing Trump Supporter.

Anonymous said...

Mo Rage
A screed on fiction, ugliness, the Communist way, pathos, stupidity, hate, brilliance, and where we were in the past

Anonymous said...

Nazis lie about themselves. Oh look it's you.

Anonymous said...

Byron, Enjoying our check again? Fucking lying thief. Did you donate your covid checks?

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

This would be a golden opportunity to upset Frank White, Jr. by demanding a Jackson County Missouri Property Tax Reduction due to prolonged COVID-19 unemployment. That idea worked ten years ago, after an economic problem, and history repeats itself. Let's ruin Frank White's day, beginning Monday, May 04, 2020.

Anonymous said...

MO RAGE is a tool and a fool.

Anonymous said...

This decline has been inevitable since the election of Reagan - Trump is not a "cause", he's a "symptom" (or if you prefer, a "tool")!

America has no reason to continue to exist, it has lost the ability to serve its Citizens, and lost its potential to grant them a better future.

Parkinson would have described this as yet anther swing of History's pendulum, with the future belonging to economic conflicts between some sort of United Europe (under Russo/German dominance) vs. a Chinese/Japanese bloc.

Anonymous said...

^^ Sorry, "another swing" (damn fingers).

Anonymous said...

Couple of problems with your diatribe @7:16...
"Nazis were Socialists" - Nope!
Fact is, Hitler et al. took over the National Socialist German Worker's Party and immediately abandoned all "socialist" principles the party (the fastest growing Party in Germany at that time).
Very similar to what happened in this Country in the 1888-1900 period when the Wealthy took over(bought) the Populist Republican party and immediately abandoned every principle that the party had been founded on.

Regarding "Gun Grabs", you overlook the Brady Bill, a Republican-led action that was the biggest of those unconstitutional actions since 1934. And then it was the Republican "Patriot's Act", which built on the earlier restrictions.

And, as someone already mentioned, all of the groups currently existing that profess the "Nazi Creed", as well as those (Rockwell and friends, Silver Shirts) that existed in the past firmly supported the GOP's "Conservative in Mythology, Radical in Action" policies of racism and internal division.

Try harder, Ivan.