Saturday, May 16, 2020

Kansas City Blogger Church Chat Push Back

A conversation about divisions and falling out among congregations from this top faith blogger sparks conversation and stories of bitter feuds betwixt people of faith . . . Read more:

Exploring congregations that abuse clergy


Anonymous said...

Wasn’t that Tamafluous -guy the one that pledged to quit writing?
Why do egos get in the way of people!
Broken promises are just a way of saying:

I am Joe Biden and I forgot this message.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Donald Trump can't remember all of the promises he made.

But then, neither can his supporters.

Mo Rage said...

Congregations that abuse clergy?

How about we examine clergy and whole churches that abuse their congregations, their congregants? Especially the children?

And for centuries.

Like the Catholic Church.


Misplaced priorities much?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Unlike you of course amiright?

Mo rages mum... said...

Mo rage needs to change his name to mo psycho rambling.. when you rage you have a message you're just rambling like some psychotic idiot. Dr. Savage was correct when he said liberalism is a mental disorder! Mo rage needs to see a psych doctor and have his psych meds increased.

Anonymous said...

^ because the Catholic church is actually not full of abusers, pedophiles and codependent enablers?

Anonymous said...

"Wasn’t that Tamafluous -guy the one that pledged to quit writing?"

Why yes he did, but obviously he changed his mind. Keep in mind no one's forcing you to read his posts.

Anonymous said...

That’s like saying you are going to quit flying while piloting a plane full of people. Then change your mind after it crashes.

Of course that’s BS.. but so are ex writers. Ego.