Thursday, May 14, 2020

Kansas City Blogger Book Review: Socialism Stays Winning After Coronavirus

Actually, this is a very thoughtful book review that argues economics and culture more than partisan class war . . . Meanwhile, we consistently remind our readers that there is no "pure" economic model currently working anywhere in the world and global economies use a myriad of methods to support themselves.

Translation: Just about everybody's grandma is on welfare.

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Why You Should Be a Socialist, a Review of the Book by Nathan J. Robinson

My classes at UMKC are over. It was a challenging semester. A week before Spring Break classes went online. Given that the class I took, Political Ideologies, was a class that relied a great deal on discussion, both the professor and the students had to make considerable adjustments. But we soldiered through.


Anonymous said...

Only anyone that lived through actual Socialism, doesn't endorse it. I haven't met one in the tens of thousands of people that have expressed hate towards it. In the extreme left fantasy world of not living it they do endorse fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Socialism is an eventuality. A natural progression. It’s just difficult living at a time able to see it, feel it in some forms but not able to dislodge the entrenched powerful profiteers. Current Covid crisis makes it abundantly clear how detrimental it is to have health insurance tied to employment. Scores of millions lose their jobs; consequently, scores of millions lose their health care. Not so in any country which has universal health care. Such an unnecessary added stress we ‘lucky’ Americans get to endure.
This country, the richest by far, can afford it - it’s a matter of priorities.

Anonymous said...

@6:42 can you re-state your post in English?

Anonymous said...

Imagine anyone being stupid enough to believe that the United States would ever take the money that is needed to buy outdated Naval Ships and Airplanes, and necessary for Corporate Executive Bonuses and Stock Buy-backs and waste that money on improving the lives of the ordinary US Citizens. Absurd!

Anonymous said...

6:42: Were any of the tens of thousands of people you met who lived through actual socialism from Scandinavia?