Monday, May 18, 2020

Kansas City Back To The Monday Grind


Not really. Inspired by hottie Sommer, we're just kind of just reaching around and sharing some of our favorite stories from this news cycle in order to play catch-up with pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world . . .

Cowtown Booze Bad News

As Drinkers Stay Home, Kansas City Breweries Struggle To Stay In Business

Americans are still drinking lots of beer, but small breweries are facing a crisis as more people drinking at home rather than where the beer is made. Craft beer makers come in lots of sizes, and Boulevard Brewing Company is one of the larger ones.

Big Golden Ghetto Vote

Overland Park City Council set to choose new Ward 4 representative

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Local governing bodies on the city and county levels have had to make some big decisions in the last two months. In Overland Park, the city council has also been forced to fill a vacancy by selecting a new member.

Ford Tough Comeback

Ford plant in Kansas City reopens with virus testing

Employees at the Ford plant in Kansas City are returning to work Monday along with others in the region as the state of Kansas and Missouri begin to reopen. On Saturday, Ford announced it had signed contracts with health systems in Kansas City and three other metro areas with major company facilities to quickly test hourly and salaried employees with suspected symptoms of COVID-19, according to a media release.

Kansas City Smackdown Highlighted By New York Times

2 Kansas City Officers Charged With Assaulting Transgender Woman

Prosecutors said the officers slammed Breona Hill to the sidewalk and kneed her in the face, torso and ribs in an episode that a passer-by captured on video. On May 24, 2019, as the officers were arresting Breona Hill, 30, they slammed her face against the concrete sidewalk and kneed her in the face, torso and ribs, the indictment said.


Sommer Ray Pulls Down Daisy Dukes While Doing The Laundry

Sommer Ray clocked herself over half a million likes in just 60 minutes today, taking to Instagram to share a very revealing trip to the laundromat. The 23-year-old fitness model and social media sensation's whose Instagram following now sits at 24.9 million updated her account on Sunday - yes, she was doing laundry.

Dreaming Of Sommer

Pelosi: Dems have 'no red lines' on $3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that Democrats have 'no red lines' Referencing workplace liability in the new $3 trillion coronavirus relief package Latest relief bill passed the Democrat-controlled House late Friday Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans, have called the massive bill 'dead on arrival' - demanded

WHO Seyz Friends & Money Don’t Mix?!?!

China announces $2 billion in virus help at WHO assembly

GENEVA - China will provide $2 billion over two years to fight the coronavirus pandemic, President Xi Jinping said Monday, rallying around the World Health Organization and its efforts even as the Trump administration has slashed funding for the U.N. health agency.

Fake Fan Friction

South Korean football club sorry for 'X-rated' sex doll controversy

One of South Korea's top football clubs apologised for causing "deep concern" Monday after being accused of using sex dolls to fill empty seats at a weekend game. FC Seoul insisted the mannequins -- used in the absence of fans, who are banned because of the coronavirus -- had "no

Buffett Served Reality Check

Dud stock picks, bad industry bets, vast underperformance - it's the end of the Warren Buffett era

Who is the Greatest of All Time? Michael or LeBron? Willie or the Babe? Aretha or Ol' Blue Eyes? When it comes to investing, Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway , is unquestionably the greatest who ever lived, posting an extraordinary record over more than five decades.

Reopen Chop Talk

KCMO barber describes how her job has changed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Brooke Smith owns Moonshot Hair Co. in Kansas City, Missouri. She closed her shop down in mid-March, and re-opened on May 15. She spoke to 41 Action News Anchor Taylor Hemness, while cutting his hair, about the challenges she's faced, helping people cut their hair over FaceTime and how long she thinks these new precautions in her shop are sustainable.

Dramatic Good Deeds

Starlight Theatre president donates plasma after recovering from COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As Starlight Theatre gets ready to open its doors again later this summer, the popular outdoor theater remains silent. "We're going to have to come up with a plan, which we're developing now," Starlight President Richard Baker said.

Weather For Now

Mostly cloudy Monday, warmer Tuesday

We'll see a few rays Monday afternoon, but not many.

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Anonymous said...

I've been going to the same barber for 30 some years, always packed. He dutifully shut down and probably lost a couple of the other cutters who probably didn't have as much money set aside. Well, he's reopened and now requiring name, email, and phone number in order to wait in line. Fuck that, he knows my name, he knows where I work and even where I live, I'm not handing it over to the State for monitoring. I went to another barber a bit further away, same shit. So I taught the missus how to cut hair, and while I prefer being out of the house, it saves me a couple hundo a year and she'll get better with time, probably not before I go bald anyway though.

Ren said...

^^^ best comment of the day.

Agree, that's a lot of info to hand over to other people.

Captain Carl said...

Do you really think for a second that the Government doesn't already have all that info bout every one of us?

If you do, I'd like to discuss a really nice Real Estate investment with you.

Anonymous said...

Dumbshits with rage against the machine even though it is in interest of tracking infections and not for individual reasons. You are probably way too boring to interest the government in anything you do or not do. USA 90,000 deaths in a very short time and still counting all while quarantining. Shits going to get real now, need some tracking info to let you know your ass was exposed.

Anonymous said...

12:57 - exactly what I was thinking.

11:30 - you, sir, are truly this generations MLK Jr. battling the man like that. Kudos my friend, kudos.

Anonymous said...

if you're ok with shorter hair, doing it yourself is actually easy.