Wednesday, May 06, 2020


The only dude to have ever won a citywide fixed rail vote in Kansas City history cries foul against the media.

Call it a stern rebuke or a presser to pwnz the press . . . Take a peek and notice he's very fond of KMBC as well . . . 

Clay Chastain: Is Kansas City's local liberal media and local liberal government trying to control local conservative opposition?

* In the 2019 KCMO Mayoral campaign, the Star's Melinda Henneberger did two hit pieces on legitimate conservative candidates (Chastain and Lee) while writing glowing profiles on the other liberal mayoral candidates.

* In the biggest Mayoral debate, KCPT filtered out of this high profile (taxpayer and liberal establishment-financed) debate all 3 conservative candidates (Chastain, Lee and Klein) claiming none made the cut according to polling numbers.

* In 2015, KC's liberal City Manager placed conservative Clay Chastain on a secret City "Watch List" for being "dangerous."

* In 2018, the KC Star published Troy Schulte's false and defaming comment that Chastain had threatened Mayor Sly James.

* In 2019, Chastain filed several defamation suits against the Star and Schulte which the MSM has never reported on.

* With less than 3-months to go, the local liberal media is completely ignoring the Republican primary race for Congressman Cleaver's seat.

* Thus far, the entire media (with the exception of Ch.9) has ignored legitimate protests (from Conservative Republican Clay Chastain) decrying the fact Kansas City's liberal government (led by left wingers Lucas and Shields) refuses to place the people's "Green" petition initiative before voters.

* The local liberal media never never challenged liberal Mayor Sly James' numerous abuses of conservative Chastain's valid petitions.

* The local liberal media (not Ch.9) has refused to report to the public any details of the "Green" petition signed in behalf of by nearly 3,000 KC voters.

So, will we have a 5th District Congressional race void of public debates, where the "Green" petition and conservative candidates are ignored and where the local liberal media just covers Cleaver's non-stop press releases in which he complains about this or that while never really proposing any of his own original ideas to solve America's problems?

It is no wonder the biased, controlling and liberal-leaning MSM (alive and rampant in KC) has become one of the least trusted professions in America.

Republican Congressional Candidate, Clay Chastain

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Clay forgot the city city has been paying them to stay in business and write glowing articles about sLIE, dimwit politicians and developers. You can’t fake out the taxpayers, pocket their money if you tell the truth now can you.

Anonymous said...

Clay, they may be the "least trusted" but they are the most powerful.

Mo Rage said...

Three notes:

1) He STILL doesn't live here
2) Who cares what he thinks?
3) Somebody call a WHAAAAMBULANCE!!

Don't go away mad, Clay.

Just go away.

For the love of God and all that is good, just go away.

Gofer Broke said...

Keep going, Clay!
Thanks for fighting the Star and city hall.

Anonymous said...

Can we quit calling Clay Chastain a Republican or Conservative? He is absolutely neither. He is a green activist of the liberal bent. Maybe, just maybe, he could be associated with libertarians, but he prefers gov control of transportation rather than free market. We're simply seeing two factions of the liberal party go at it. One has the money and the power to enact their agenda, one wants that same money and power to enact HIS agenda.

Go away Clay.

Anonymous said...

Clay is a nimrod and a tool.

Hyperblogal said...

Clay is like Covid-19.... just when you think it's gone...............................

Anonymous said...

When the whole KCMO world comes to an end, which may be sooner than you think, the last things left will be THE streetcar and Clay.
Both indestructible in their uselessness and irrelevance.
And maybe the cockroaches!

Anonymous said...

When are you going to demand free market highways?

Ooooh, it's only the transportation poor people use that needs to be free market! You want to be free! Free to suck the nanny state teet every time you pay nothing to drive on the free streets and highways.

And from the other side of your mouth you call it free market.

Anonymous said...

Most of the cockroaches fled to JOCO and Lee's Summit in 1969.

Anonymous said...

If only the streetcar would follow them, dragging its tracks and its millions in wasted tax dollars behind it.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for clay everyday!

Anonymous said...


Because it's 1996 here, lingo-wise.

Anonymous said...

And he doesn't even live here.

Anonymous said...

Clay, Fuck Off.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City, like San Francisco is rapidly turning into a liberal run shithole. Most liberal democrat mayors and the shitheads that vote for them think that we can tax our way into prosperity, because you know, social justice and free stuff for the poor. More welfare for the takers and higher taxes for the makers.

Anonymous said...

And yet JOCO is the most affluent and prosperous in the Kansas City area. Those cockroaches have a lot of new office buildings and businesses to fill. Weird.