Friday, May 29, 2020

Journalism: Hipsters @ The Pitch Narc On Racist Goofball Youngsters

Keyboard warriors were in full swing today . . . Here's a glimpse at the crew of this fading local "alternative" magazine playing hall monitor to the NEXTGEN . . . Because, apparently, that's what suffices for "edgy" nowadays.

Local teens go viral for racist video; encounter well-deserved pushback

A heavily blurred screengrab of the video. // Photo from Twitter Three Lee's Summit teenagers are in hot water after a Snapchat video of them recreating George Floyd's death and participating in underage drinking surfaced online this week. In the video, one girl is kneeling over another, who yells that she cannot breathe and the two of them laugh.


Anonymous said...

So it's now come to this?
High school teenagers goofing off with their friends at home get reported by some demented SJW to the colleges that they planned to attend starting in the Fall.
At no time during this video clip did I see/hear a reference to the George Floyd Minneapolis case.
At no time during this video clip did I see/hear any of the participants do or say anything possibly construed as offensive or racist.
Who exactly turned this teenager goof off episode into a story? Who do you think? I'm betting the SJW crowd and the liberal media.

Anonymous said...

When celebrities like Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman laugh and joke about abortions(and other much more vile and concerning topics regarding children) anyone calling them out is told they are 'making a big deal out of nothing'/'It was just a joke'. I won't even go into James Gunn's tweets... that FELLOW CELEBS excused. So I find it VERY alarming when 18 year olds mimic that comedy(although mild compared to the celebs'jokes'... the ones they are manipulated to admire/mimic. And then the former Superintendent that was busted with a foul posted social media pic showing him drinking and flipping off the bird has the audacity to tweet about his concern and disappointment in LS students. However, when the community and STUDENTS were confronted with his vile picture, as a grown man representing an entire district, his response? WAIT FOR apology or accountability taken on his part... he just felt 'social media can unfortunately be taken out of context'. And the those that criticized him, he accused of targeting him because.... wait for it... he was black.