Saturday, May 16, 2020

Johnson County Starts 'Micro-Transit' Experiment Amid Coronavirus

The latest tech gambit in the Golden Ghetto . . .

Officials in Johnson County, Kan., have announced plans to continue a march toward more flexible options for riders, expanding on an existing pilot program.

Quick description:

"Operationally, Johnson County contracts with First Transit, a private transit provider often used by universities, airports and others, for staffing, while the county owns about 50 full-size buses. For its on-demand flex service, the county uses five Ford transit vans. Johnson County is able to supplement this service with WHC Worldwide, based in Kansas City, Mo., and operator of zTrip, a national taxi service. TransLoc, a Ford company, provides the public interface for booking and executing the rides."


Transit Is Being Drawn to an On-Demand Model in Kansas


Anonymous said...

YA more empty busses driving around polluting ON THE TAXPAYERS DIME.

Anonymous said...

So what is wrong with just calling a cab or an Uber ride?

Anonymous said...

it is how to help section 8 renters consider options outside of johnson county.

Anonymous said...

can not mess with a johnson county mall without consequences!