Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Jackson County Reopen Rules Trump KCMO

Credit where it's due, the County Exec and his team took their direction from Missouri Guv Parson rather trying to write their own rules and facing push back from small biz . . . Read more:

Jackson County's Reopening Rules Are Different From Kansas City, Missouri's - Here's How

Beyond the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri, businesses in Jackson County have their own requirements for reopening that are separate from the city's gradual phased-in plan. Jackson County's reopening began Monday, May 4, with guidelines that differed in some ways from the ones that took effect in Kansas City on Wednesday, May 6.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Frank White knows best!

Anonymous said...

Gyms are categorized as "entertainment" by the County. This is stupid. Many insurance companies reimburse policy holders for gym memberships because of the positive medical value of exercise. Insurance companies do NOT reimburse for movie or concert tickets.

Gyms, most of them anyway, are self-policing when it comes to sanitizing. If you don't wipe the equipment down after use, other members aren't shy about letting you know about it. Plus, most people wipe it down again before use anyway. Sanitizer dispensing stations, towel dispensers and trash cans have been fixtures at gyms for decades and people use them.

If your "gym" is full of chatty hens then you're at a spandex social club, not a gym. If you feel unsafe at your "gym" then stay home on your couch and keep churning out those sanctimonious clucking Karen Facebook posts.

The County needs to reopen the gyms just like the salons and tattoo shops.

Anonymous said...

^^You seem sad, lonely and pathetic. Since you are no one of any consequence or import, nobody gives a shit what you think. You'll be told when you can return to the gym. Until then, shut up and find something better to do.

Anonymous said...

^^^ ok karen

Anonymous said...

^^^Thanks for agreeing.

Anonymous said...

Exercise is free - No gym needed!