Thursday, May 07, 2020

Historic Unemployment Persists Despite 'Soft' Kansas City Biz Reopen Plans

Many economists believe that the pandemic merely started THE GREATER DEPRESSION and despite political reassurances, here's a glimpse at the new normal that doesn't include much financial improvement despite reopen promises . . .

Even with reopening, experts say local unemployment claims may not slow that much

KANSAS CITY, Mo - As people head back to work, some still haven't gotten unemployment payments. The first phase of metro reopening plans began Monday and will be completed by May 18. Frustration with unemployment is turning to concern for some people who haven't received their benefits.


Anonymous said...

Restaurant business models start and end with customers sitting in each and every chair. The "social distance" required wont cover the cost of the restaurant. The experience will not be a pleasant experience for the customers regardless. People will only visit a restaurant so long out of support for the restaurant. I visited one "open" today and the restaurant was empty, the menu was empty and the bank account of the owner was empty. Listening to the owner babble on about the economy and the "fake" pandemic didn't add to the atmosphere. The restaurant owners and the employees will have a difficulty time focusing on the food and the customer. No one wants to hear about the problems of others while paying for food and service.

Anonymous said...

^^Nah, they just didn't want to hear it from you. You stink like geriatric shit, don't tip, and sit around drinking water with lemons squeezed in it all day.