Saturday, May 02, 2020

Hipster 'KC Night Live' Debuts

Somebody watch this and tell me if it's any good . . . That's doubtful but as always we're humbly accept reactionary chatter that attempts to demonize anybody doing something creative . . . Because this is the Internets after all. From our vantage, it looks fun even if it's not funny.

'KC Night Live' fills an SNL-sized hole in our weekends

News time. // Photo by KC Night Live Local KC performers got tired of waiting for SNL to come back. While the major network show has been back for two weeks, the SNL-shaped hole in our hearts has been filled by the ensemble cast of these lockdown lads and ladies.


Anonymous said...

Just what the city needs another amateur embarrassment sucking up bandwidth.

Max Kreutzer said...

Guys it’s Max from the show! It’s great! Trust me.

Max Kreutzer said...

And I’m honored you called us hipsters I’m getting older and it’s nice to be called hip.