Here's How Kansas City Streets Are Shutting Down Amid Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

Here's the reasoning behind neighborhoods closing off streets throughout the metro at the request of cycling activists and nobody else . . . Read more:

Kansas City Launches Open Streets Permitting (Contributed)

Like many other communities, the city of Kansas City, Mo., has faced significant challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 24, 2020, Kansas City entered into a stay-at-home order that required city staff to work remotely through an emergency telecommuting program, institute social distancing requirements, close down operations of non-essential businesses and even implement rules around outdoor activities such as the closing of dog parks and playgrounds, while keeping public health and safety at the forefront of every decision.


  1. The problem is we aren’t shut down anymore and how does it make since to be downtown or anywhere on a bike when they claim the Kung fu flu can stay in the air for three hours? No thanks, I’ll stay in the car, it’s safer.

    1. It is safer is an excuse. They do not bike bicycle seats big enough for you.

  2. Leave the roads open for the cars they were meant for and require bicyclists to wear masks. Share the road!!


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