Friday, May 29, 2020

Former KCPD Officer Speaks To Controversial Shooting Amid American Civil Unrest

Public radio promo of this story amid a widespread pile-on against police . . . Checkit:

Former Kansas City Police Officer Who Refuted Shooting Story Feels Forced Out, Apologizes to Victim's Mother

Ryan Stokes, an African-American man, was gunned down by a Kansas City Police Department officer in the Power & Light District in 2013. Now one of the officers at the scene who refuted the department's version of events has been pushed out.


Anonymous said...

The truth is this officer wasn't fired, he resigned. He had an opportunity to stay on the department and face an appeal in an open hearing with the BOPC. The reality is that Straub used lethal force in Westport, when it was completely out of control. To blame anyone else for his departure is a deflection of his own unlawful actions. He doesn't get to re-write history here. We know the truth and won't let you change history. He opened the door to criticism. He should be thankful that his round didn't hit anyone, or his story would have been much different.

His departure is exactly what the community should want. An officer who made a horrible decision, and will never serve again. I am sure his story sounds sad, but his story should have started with "Once upon a time".

Extra Crispy Colonel said...

NPR =Jew Bullshit

Anonymous said...

^^Should be called "NRB TV" "National Rabbi Broadcasting"

Captain Thomas Woodworth said...

@4:06 No shit. Until 1975, every president of the NAACP was a Jew.