Sunday, May 17, 2020

Fanboys Silenced: Upcoming Kansas City Chiefs Season Without Fans Eliminates Arrowhead Home-field Advantage

Reality check on a Super Bowl repeat and the new normal . . .

The louder the venue (like Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City), the more the point-spread will shrink when crowd noise is removed. Unless, of course, the NFL allows teams in empty stadiums to use artificial crowd noise to avoid a competitive disadvantage if some stadiums are open, and if others aren’t.

Take a look:

Games without fans will impact point spreads, obviously


Anonymous said...

Home stadiums in control of fan noise? Can you imagine how loud it would get for opposing teams with the home team in control of the volume switch! Terrible idea.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Atlanta lost draft picks a few years ago for pumping in fan noise,I doubt the league will allow it.

Anonymous said... this definite?