Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Deadly Double Murder Postscript: Activist Clay Chastain Warns Against 'Cancer Of Violence' Killing Kansas City Urban Core

MSM estimates Kansas City's 58th and 59th homicides of 2020 this morning after a deadly double shooting.

Police said the gunfire occured near a very busy Independence Avenue, and they believe, with heavy foot and vehicle traffic on the street, that someone may have valuable witness information to help.

Accordingly, here's the word from KC's most prolific petitioner on the topic of continued local homicide . . .

Clay Chastain: Kansas City is dying of cancer - eastside homicides

There is no treatment center for our City that is dying of cancer. No drugs to take. No operations to be had. No sports team to save it. And no glitzy projects to distract from it. Our City knows it has cancer because part of its body is dying (eastside homicides); because it is losing energy (no one votes anymore); because it is losing weight (families have moved out); and because living in Kansas City doesn't feel good anymore (no one feels safe).

Our City will never enjoy good health again, until we eradicate this cancer by stopping the killing. And, there is a cure . . .

But instead of self-treating the cancer City leaders have ignored it. As a consequence, the cancer has spread while City leaders have been solely preoccupied getting downtown a face lift and having its nails done....streetcars, convention hotel, entertainment districts, luxury condos, etc. No City leader including...Cleaver, Barnes, Funkhouser, James, Lucas...has sought to develop a treatment plan to arrest this cancer that is killing our citizens, terrorizing the eastside and demoralizing our City. City Hall does not know what to do. Republican Congressional Candidate Clay Chastain has a treatment plan for the City to enter into:

1. Place a moratorium on all taxpayer-assisted projects and focus 100% on developing a master plan to bring economic revitalization to the eastside.

2. Call on all KC corporations to invest in job creation and vocational training programs inside the eastside.

3. Call on all KC... churches, non-profits, volunteer organizations and civic groups to forge a ground game to go into the eastside and help its citizens.

4. Cancel the streetcar expansion and focus building a modern citywide transit system ("Green" petition) to connect the eastside to the rest of the City.

5. Enlist inmates to clean the eastside of all litter, trash and graffiti and, keep it clean.

Clay Chastain

Developing . . .


Trotter said...

Your plan is DOA, I don't see anywhere where you're giving money to the preachers to harvest votes. I don't see any money allocated to victim Outreach groups. Remember if you don't spread the dough it's a no-go!

Anonymous said...

This ain't news, Clay.
Besides, no one on the East Side gives a shit. Why should I?

Anonymous said...

Legalize all drugs and make them so cheap that the only usable source is the government

junkies will die off if they abuse it

dealers will go away because they cannot compete with the cheap price of the government drugs

violence will slow down because money from drug dealing is gone and drugs are so cheap they lose their value

everyone benefits from this. The war on drugs is such a hoax. Who gives a fuck if people want to abuse drugs, let them. This shit ties up too many resources chasing down drug users and dealers.

just legalize it and eliminate the problem, the war on drugs can be won once drugs no longer have value

Anonymous said...

10:00 remember, if the city is spreading the dough..... it’s to a knee-gro!

I crack myself up sometimes!

Anonymous said...

History has shown that this is not a problem whitey can solve. It isn't about giving people handouts, its about a blood feud society prevalent within a certain segment of the African-American community (similar to Icelandic society of the middle ages).

Someone who has grown up in a culture of abuse, drug use, family disarray isn't going to be healed by simply giving them a handout. They might survive for another day, but they are not suddenly going to become productive members of society.

Many women have children they don't want and have no intention of caring for. They have children from many different men, some who they know and some they don't. The children of these unions grow up abused, neglected and angry and accordingly, they only have that to offer others. The cycle perpetuates from generation to generation and has its roots in the deracination that attended slavery.

I think the most pragmatic solution is to offer women money to go on birth control and continue to pay them so long as they remain on birth control.

Anonymous said...

Clay might be a little late on this. Kansas City urban core has been malignant for years now, and as you can see the leadership in Kansas City doesn't want to do anything about it. It's a racial thing. Not many black people call the cops or report on crime. Even when it means little kids get killed. There is a black man in Hyde Park that has seen several crimes committed against his own neighbors and he won't call the police. He won't even report the crime. He acts like he never saw anything. But when he needs help guess who he comes to for information?

Oswald said...

Clay doesn't even live here. Until he moves back and actually has a stake in the game he can go fuck himself.

Anonymous said...

12:14 if you want to give birth, you have to spread your legs reallly far apart and let your bro fuck you in the ass.

Steve said...

It's a secondary symptom of the cancer of democrats.

Retro ROCKER said...

The Drug dealers shooting each other already have jobs. They are driving 50 thousand dollar cars shooting at each other .