Thursday, May 07, 2020

Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak Worsens At Prairie Village Nursing Home

An important roundup of the devastation at this rather upscale facility . . . Read more:

A COVID-19 Hot Spot In Prairie Village Now Accounts For 57 Known Cases And 9 Deaths

Brighton Gardens, a Prairie Village nursing home, is still coping with a serious outbreak of COVID-19, Johnson County Health and Environment Director Sanmi Areola told the county commission Thursday. The facility had recorded 57 positive cases and nine deaths as of Thursday. That's an increase since the outbreak was discussed a week ago.


Anonymous said...

Lets all get back to work so we can triple it.I wish my co workers all the best of luck we got bills to pay even if it kills us, thats why the company we work for is always hiring.

Anonymous said...


What a stupid comment!

Anonymous said...

JoCo health failure.

If their schools are so good, why are they so stupid as to allow this?

Anonymous said...

TKC, thanks for transparency that can't be found many places.

Anonymous said...

But true.