Saturday, May 09, 2020

COVID Crunch Time For Local Gyms

These biz folks are left out of the reopen and facing some of the toughest regulations and concern moving forward . . . Here's important insight into their struggle:

Jackson County gym owners frustrated with phase 1 reopening plan

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - As part of Jackson County's phase one reopening plan , gyms must stay closed for now, and there's no timeline on when they might reopen. The plan is leaving some gym owners in the county frustrated and confused. Rachel Wattenbarger owns Anytime Fitness in Blue Springs and said she feels discriminated against.


Anonymous said...

The comment section from JACO's 4-Phase announcement post on Facebook is second only to TKC's in its vitality of trolling the County gov with gym owners and patrons alike leading the charge. 541 comments. Karens, Pollyannas and sheeple going down left and right. There are even 226 comments from their weekly FB "Covid-19 Update"...majority posted in real time. lol

Not that it's doing any good but it's been a nice change to see intelligent dissent in contrast to the sniveling cowardice that I'm used to seeing from people who probably never had to meet a payroll or spent their lives building a business only to have it arbitrarily shuttered by scared bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

Non essential

Anonymous said...

Gyms and pools, literally two of the safest places from the bogeyman. One: natural distancing and cleaning surfaces before you use a machine already. The other, sunlight and high concentrations of chlorine both strong disinfectants to many viruses but especially the bogeyman.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, poor Widdle Wachel feels discwiminated against.

Whhaaaaaahhhh!!! Whaaaahhhh!