Wednesday, May 20, 2020

COVID-19 Crashes KCI Traffic

This link tease tells us all we need to know about the pandemic impact on air travel and the future for the industry.

Sadly, taxpayers are locked into NEW KCI that's mostly based shopping, dining and the "EXPERIENCE" OF airport fun.

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New data outlines KCI's steep drop in June flights - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City International Airport revealed a route map Tuesday that outlines a steep drop in available flights for June. Last year, KCI had 163 daily departures and 52 nonstop destinations in June, but that number has been whittled to 55 daily departures and 30 nonstop destinations for the coming month.


Anonymous said...

Warren Buffett.

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Anonymous said...

Tony says the streetcar is the biggest transit gamble but new KCI is far bigger and far less necessary.

Kancel KCI.

Anonymous said...

KCI could be adapted to social distancing but needs more bathrooms, as it always has.