Sunday, May 10, 2020

Coronavirus Might've Killed Westport

The pandemic has preyed upon densely populated areas and people piled on top of one another . . . Sadly, those are the key elements of this party district's plan to lure higher paying clientele and not just hobos and social justice activists who demand to hear outdated 90s hip-hop. Read more:

A look at Westport just before our grand reopening

The Pitch dispenser in the middle of Westport // Photo by Samantha Sprouse We've been asking members of the KC community to submit stories about life under house arrest. If you've got a story you'd like to share, please send it to for consideration.


Anonymous said...

We all know the Kung fu flu didn’t kill Westport.

We all know who those people are that did though.

Anonymous said...

Yes we all know who has ruined the city and it's not just westport. Can anyone guess what they are trying to pull?

Kohl said...

When is the grand reopening?

Anonymous said...

Even a virus would have enough sense not to hang around in Westport after dark.
Disease is probably the least of after-hours Westport denizens' worries.
And a safety perimeter and dining in the closed streets isn't going to make a bit of difference.
Lots of other options.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet Westport's still pretty great. Will be here long after you turn to dust, and better for not having you geriatric fucktards in it. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yes @9:11, we'll leave it to you weird millennial fucktards to squat in while you wait for something to happen while we who know how to have fun go other places.

Great, hunh? Just about all you can handle, probably.

Now come back with some lame-assed response and then post three or four more times congratulating yourself and denying you posted them when you get called on your feeble crap.

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer. Get back to Matlock. We're fine out here in the real world. You stay there...on your computer. All day long. No life, no friends. Just being the shitty you you've alway been to complete strangers on the internet. The only place you've ever been is Bob Evans. You wouldn't know fun if it sat on your face! Yea, that seems like a worthwhile life...Not! Now bye bye Boomer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry @12:27, missed your reply, I've been out having fun!