Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Coronavirus Killing Kansas City Democracy

Another reminder that this election has been seriously hampered by the pandemic AND few voters are likely to even bother going to the polls given the risk vs. reward ratio . . . Checkit:

Kansas City Election Board reduces polling places for June 2 election

Kansas City, Missouri, voters in Jackson County may have a new polling place for the rescheduled municipal elections next week. The Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners said Tuesday that it will reduce the number of polls for the June 2 election in exchange for larger polling places.


Anonymous said...

When the pinkos win every time it's not voting.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ So sings the sad, sad song of the sinking MAGAts.
Ranting and raving as they rearrange the deck chairs on the Trumptanic.

Anonymous said...

Less polling places? There should be more polling places which will mean fewer people at each poll. This local election is, historically, not well attended anyway.

Anonymous said...

Let’s send about a hundred democrat traitors packing to never be heard of again just like in 2010 in fact it’s too bad they aren’t all going to jail fucking traitors