Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Conservatives Argue That Cautious Kansas Guv Kelly Reopen Plan Is No Fun

Republicans claim her victory was a fluke and attempt to ramp up opposition against the Democratic Guv as election year moves closer.

Like it or not, the fight over beer is probably an effective strategy . . .

Kelly keeps bars, nightclubs shut down in revised Phase 2

Democrat Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced Tuesday that the state would be moving into "Phase 2" of her reopening plan on Monday, but for reasons she won't disclose, she won't permit bars and nightclubs to open until Phase 3. She also won't say when she'll allow Phase 3 to begin.


Anonymous said...

Governor Granny shuts down churches and Christians but frees convicts to prey upon Kansas citizens.

Great work Governor Granny ! Keep those Democrat Progressive Socialist ideas flowing !

Anonymous said...

Governor Kelly never “shut down churches and Christians” you nitwit. Telling the truth must be difficult for a liar like yourself.

12:47pm: You have always been free to be a Christian. Or any other religion. Or no religion at all.

All gatherings of 10 or more people were not permitted under the PANDEMIC initial order. Churches were not specifically targeted. Movie theaters and strip clubs and hundreds of others had the same restrictions.

Many churches had services in their parking lots, congregants in their cars, listening via radio or loudspeaker. Many churches had services but congregants watched via internet. Still free to practice their religion.

I thought all you religious folk were “pro-life”.......I guess not when it comes to spreading a deadly virus..then you just want to whine about your fake Jeezus values and ‘Murica all while throwing out that “socialist” boogey man word of which you clearly have no idea of it’s meaning.

Anonymous said...


1:23 knocked you out 12:47! You better crawl back under your rock covidiot!