Saturday, May 30, 2020

Congressman Cleaver Offers Statement On George Floyd's Killing Under Cop's Knee

The former mayor and currently the top raking elected official in the metro shares his perspective on an American tragedy . . . Read more:

'Compliance, pain and ultimately death': Cleaver reacts to killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver is reacting to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis as well as the protests and riots that have overtaken the city. Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American man, was killed after a police officer used his knee on Floyd's neck to pin him to the ground when he [...]


Anonymous said...

Cleaver will only make a statement when it's a black person. What about the white girl killed in the crossroads last year. Did cleaver even reach out to her family? The cop has been arrested and yet cleaver is doing nothing about the riot in Kansas City last night. Plain and simple racism against white people.

Anonymous said...

More grifter bullshit from the local example of the national breed of parasitic black Revruns.

Anonymous said...

The narrative has already been set in stone and reinforced by the usual suspects before the facts are in. Ferguson and Covington come to mind. Rush to judgement, false narratives, being told what we have seen. All the motives and intentions of the perpetrators fully explained. It just has to be that way because everyone is in agreement. Everyone just seen the same awful treatment of a person of color by the evil white police. Every detail must be as described. No facts to the contrary will change first impressions that are further confirmed by those lending their celebrity and political solidarity.

When the true cause of death comes out it will not change a thing. People still believe "hands up don't shoot" even though it was proven false. It will as it did in Ferguson be explained away as a reminder of a much bigger problem of the overall treatment of blacks by the police and the movement will continue on even though based on false narratives. Deja Vu?

Anonymous said...

Once again lives ruined and property destroyed.

Anonymous said...

“I didn’t like the way the Rodney King decision was eventually determined, but I didn’t go out and throw bricks. We had people doing that,” he said.”

Did the cleave just admit to having people throw bricks?

Anonymous said...

The Truth Regarding Police Shooting Blacks Vs Whites
Again, I don't think any decent human being doubts that the recent death of George Floyd was anything short of tragic. I sincerely hope that the psychopathic cop gets the punishment that he clearly deserves. However, when the actual statistics are revealed, this continuing narrative that the police are senselessly shooting (and/or killing) more black people than white people, doesn't add up.

Here is the actual data taken from 2017:

In 2017, 62% of the US population was white, and 59% of all violent crimes were committed by whites, which is 3% LESS than the representative white population.

In 2017, 12% of the US population was black, and yet 38% of all violent crimes were committed by blacks, which is MORE than three times the representative black population.

In 2017, MORE than twice the number of white people were shot and killed by police than blacks, despite the fact that blacks were significantly over-represented in terms of being arrested and committing virtually every type of crime.

Police brutality and unnecessary force needs to end for ALL races, and yet all we are hearing and seeing is blatant, intentional divisiveness by perpetuating the myth that most white people are privileged, evil and racist. This struggle will never end unless we see through the lies. We need to come together to defeat these issues, otherwise we're done for good as a nation.

Anonymous said...


"As for the video of Floyd’s death, Cleaver said he doesn’t see somebody that was resisting arrest."

Cleaver watched the video through jaundiced racist eyes. Floyd resisted arrest and was uncooperative throughout the encounter. If you can't see that, you are blind.
Cleaver is an incompetent, cognitively-impaired, hair-plugged, graft-prone liberal Democrat indentured slave to the White owners/masters of the national Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

cleaver could be part of the solution; that is, if he's about more than press releases and soundbite speeches.

mr. congressman, how about it?

Anonymous said...

Colin K. Shared his kneeling technique with the Minneapolis PD.

Anonymous said...

Were any car washes looted last night? Honest businessmen would have a hard time paying his SBA loan if that happened. Worthless grifter spreading the lie that “outsiders” do the looting in these cities.