Monday, May 04, 2020


Important to the metro discussion overall as REPUBLICANS RESTART THEIR BLOOD FEUD OVER GOVERNMENT MONEY and defy just about every political stereotype regarding so-called Conservative values. Checkit:

Clay County's stimulus money from CARES Act delayed

The Missouri Treasurer's Office has confirmed to KMBC 9 News Investigates that Clay County's stimulus money from the CARES Act has been delayed.The county is waiting on more than $29 million.


Sad for Clay Citizens said...

"...Nolte’s written concerns at the bottom of a document...have now delayed Clay County from receiving $29.3 million in federal stimulus money under the coronavirus relief package..."

"State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick confirmed Clay County did not receive any money in an initial round of $468 million in stimulus money that went to 105 counties and St. Louis."

Nolte's ego and need for attention has cost Clay County cities and Kansas City $29 million. Even the blind can now see what an idiot Nolte is.

Anonymous said...

One of Luanne and Gene's final chances to hand over money with no oversite (re: new county annex building, horse barn, etc). It seems Nolte got what he wanted, lots of attention on the issue and forced the other two to go on the record as approving the lack of oversite. Most in the county can't wait for them to leave office, and anxiously await charges based upon the state audit.

Hopefully, once they are gone Nicole Brown won't be far behind. She's been in the middle of every slap-fight her group has lost in the courts, was charged for falsifying documents that started the sheriff's department budget fiasco, and got busted last year for living free in a county house with a questionably executed lease. All this with a resume that shows she's on try #3 at her degree, currently going to Maple Woods and keeping her fingers crossed for that elusive Associates 2-year degree. I doubt she'd qualify for a substitute teaching certificate.

Anonymous said...

republicans are awful awful people.

Anonymous said...

Ridgeway is a Republican, but Owen ran as a Democrat the last time (hopefully the last time forever in this State) he ran for Public Office.

Time for these two to shut up (hint, hint @10:51) and simply resign, sit at home, and wait for Law Enforcement's knock on the door.