Friday, May 29, 2020

Clay County Cleanup Coming Soon???

Possibly . . . Here's a glimpse at a good government effort that restructure the governing body that's now mostly ruled by longstanding personal vendettas and political consultants working up a few FB bullies . . . Checkit:

After Years Of Turmoil, Clay County Voters Will Soon Get A Chance To Change The Shape Of Their Government

Clay County voters will get a chance Tuesday to take the first step in changing the county's form of government. Citizens have long raised concerns about the county commission - from protesting the commission quietly giving two top officials free housing to raising concerns about one commissioner having the ability to spend millions without public input.


Anonymous said...

There has already been a very flashy and expensive "Scare Flyer" distributed, asking Clay County residents "do you want to be like Jackson County?". The ridiculous thing is distributed by a group calling itself "Voters for Elected County Government", and is grossly misleading in that it gives the impression that a vote in June is for a County Constitution, but this is a LIE, since the vote is actually about whether a Commission should be formed to draft a proposal for a Constitutional form of Government for Clay County .

If this LIE isn't enough to make you reject this flyer's bullshit, then the fact that VIC HURLBURT is the Treasurer of this group, which automatically tells everyone that it is put out by the SAME CORRUPT GANG THAT HAS BEEN CAUSING ALL THE PROBLEMS.


Anonymous said...

What about the squeaky clean operation Gail Beatty and Frank White are running?

Anonymous said...

This is what you should expect from the homeland of Jesse James.

Vote Yes said...

The purpose of all the Clay County controversy, petition for audit, etc., has been promoted by Nolte has been to defeat the other commissioners so that the developers who have been trying to control Clay County for many years can regain control. Millions of dollars in TIF and other incentives are at stake. Commissioner Nolte has received substantial contributions from the developers.
Vote Yes.

Anonymous said...

Same cut and paste attacks against Nolte that Ridgeway, Owen, Hurlburt et al have been running for years while they cut sweet, sweet deals with "their" Developers.

How about the multi-million dollar give away for a patch of land so millions more can be spent to move the County Annex from its current(paid for) western location to a spot within five miles of the County Courthouse? Not only does this inconvenience the more populated area of the County, it lets one of "their" Developers get rid of a piece of property he's had on the market for years with no offers. Not only does he pocket millions of taxpayers dollars, but he also gets the current Annex and land too! We know he was a major supporter of both Gene and Luanne, how about you, Vic?

Voting FOR Prop C will result in a bipartisan committee putting together a proposal for a County Constitution that MAY contain improvements such as expanding the Council so it becomes impossible for two members to wreak the havoc that we have seen.

Anonymous said...

@3:47, the County Constitution proposal Might even make it possible for Citizens Petitions to force Recall Elections for Elected Officials!

That's what scares the piss out of Vic Hurlburt!