Sunday, May 17, 2020


In terms of using the limited access to municipal government to their advantage and seizing upon an unprecedented opportunity . . . Without question, no other Kansas City organization came close to the progress of local cycling advocates.

To be fair, we regret any traffic death and keeping streets safer should be a goal of every person on the road.

Accordingly, here's their latest in a string of lockdown victories which might or might not hold up amid the REOPEN.

"The Vision Zero resolution treats traffic violence as a public health and equity issue, asks the City to use data to adapt infrastructure and policy to eliminate traffic deaths by 2030."

"BikeWalkKC, along with LISC, Samuel Rodgers Health Center, Paseo West Neighborhood Association, Hope Faith, KC Healthy Kids/Greater KC Food Policy Coalition, KC 4 Safe Streets, Better Block KC, KC Regional Transit Alliance, Sunrise Movement KC, families of victims of traffic violence, and many of our members wrote letters of support and organized public testimony from dozens of Kansas City residents for this resolution."

Stay safe out there and hopefully we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, this group did well but Wadell & Reed probably earned more justy in terms of cash value.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ True.

Anonymous said...

Do cross town rolling gunfights count as gun violence or traffic violence?

Janus said...

Not sure.

But that question is going to become more commonplace this Summer methinks.

Anonymous said...

Decisions by KCMO city government that affect everyone but are driven by some narrow special interest, and don't take into account the larger or long-term impact?

Anonymous said...

Somehow I can't see all the porch apes in KC doing drive by shootings and having rolling gun battles on bicycles. Imagine Schwinn's with dubs, curb feelers, stick on chrome pieces pulling a little trailer thing with extra loud subs.

Anonymous said...

bikers everywhere now: families and kid groups.

it's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Yes to wider sidewalks and paths for safe bicycling by regular people and children who fon't want to dodge cars.

Anonymous said...

Riiiight, the special interest group People Who Walk. Are you sure it's not the Car Fetish Club that's the special interest group?

Anonymous said...

Went for a bike ride last Wednesday, Was at a stop sign and a car cut the corner short on their turn so they could beat oncomming traffic was almost hit. Then riding on the shoulder got honked at for apparently being on some oversized lady's road.

The drivers in this town tend to be focused on not having to watch for others. We need as many safe passage ways as possible for people trying to stay healthy.

Hyperblogal said...

We'll be lucky if we can eliminate Covid 19 deaths by 2030.

Anonymous said...

834 is right.

riding in the street around here is dangerous, or at least not fun, for regular people.

sidewalk riding is a challenge in different ways but much less dangerous.

retrofitting sidewalks by widening them is the way to go even if it means narrowing streets.

making streets one way and narrowing them would be great, imho, but will never happen.

Make KC bikeable and walkable!

Anonymous said...

That picture is in Nor th OF and is about 5 years old.