Sunday, May 24, 2020

Back To Work Guide: Kansas City Needs To Stop Speculating With Taxpayer Cash

The money line that should resonate in Kansas City and echos a great deal of what local tax fighters have been saying for years . . .

"Avoid subsidizing large speculative development projects with diverted tax revenue. Basic services will need those tax dollars right now and in the possible recession ahead, and city leaders' time and attention are better spent helping small business owners recover and grow. Invest in people, not things."

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Getting cities back to work

Alongside Americans trying to understand where we are in the pandemic, officials in cities and states face difficult decisions about getting back - as near as we can - to normal. While some look at the future with trepidation, there is actually a great deal of opportunity ahead to improve policy and make our cities stronger.

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Anonymous said...

This corrupt bullshit should stop 40 years ago retroactively and the perpetrators, politicians and developers, construction, banksters, etc, should pay their gangster hoards back to the people they have ripped off.
Truth and reconciliation commission anyone?
Got reparations?