Saturday, May 30, 2020

Aftermath: Local Family Copes With Tragedy After New Mom Murdered

Heartbreaking deets in this report offer a glimpse the growing number of deadly domestic violence incidents that are rising amid coronavirus restrictions.

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Mother killed, baby dropped off at fire station

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) -- "I need help please!!!!" Investigators said that was one of the last text messages sent by a mother before a killer shot her inside her own bathroom. After her murder, someone took her baby to a Kansas City fire station.


Anonymous said...

No protest or outrage ?

Anonymous said...

White women who date Black men, oftentimes end up murdered?
Who knew such a thing was possible?

Anonymous said...

Only a true loser would claim to be with other women through out the night and then come home to shoot his old lady - loser.

Clayton Bigsby said...

you must not have met many blacks

Anonymous said...

I can’t wait to see how bad Petersucker fucks this up, hell, they even got a confession but she will find a way to give him probation. Worthless bitch.

Unknown said...

Typical of Independence did not help anyone my fear is this woman's demise. I like many text pane constituents of City of Independence have been denied my right to have reports made and assailants arrested. I was assaulted was the end result and now I'm handicapped because of it and all because Independence refused to even make a report over 3 days of me being tormented and my life threatened. I begged for them to take a report prior to my being assaulted and nothing was ever done now I'm handicapped because of it and nothing they still wouldn't even take a report. I have tried everything to get the officers involved to have some kind ofdisciplinary but nothing ever happens it's a round and round cover their own butt situation. I'm so saddened by this woman's demise but it's typical of Independence to not do a darn thing. I wish I could do more than pray but right now I'm homeless because of all this and unable to even do anything at this point for myself