Thursday, April 23, 2020

Tracy Blogs Against Speaker Pelosi And Suburban Layoff Stimulus Schemes

A worthwhile reflection from this former suburban council lady and dedicated civic patrician . . . Read more:

Don't let Shawnee try Olathe's DOUBLE PICKPOCKET PLAN--free two week vacations and $1200 Pelosi Bonus Bucks for FAKE FURLOUGHS at taxpayer expense

As reported by Fox4 and others, Olathe is furloughing all employees for two weeks on a staggered basis. And grinning like the Cheshire Cat, that they cut their annual budget AND gave a $1200 bonus to all their employees--at federal expense. But who pays for that "opportunity" to move cash out of our pockets?


Anonymous said...

Boo-hoo. The middle and lower-class finally get a government kiss and Deplorables froth at the mouth. Where were you for ALL of the corporate welfare giveaways the past 3 1/2 years?


Anonymous said...

Because corporate welfare was invented by Trump, right?

Get real. Obama was the darling of Wall Street. Seek help for the ol TDS.

Anonymous said...

Silly Tracy. It's "martial law" not "marshall law".

Anonymous said...

IKR? Trump throwing your family under the bus while sucking corporate is because "believe me we're going to drain the swamp" was not cost effective. Not Trump's fault he's another Obama!

Anonymous said...

Matt Dillon will be hired to run the show. So it's Marshall Law.

Anonymous said...

Largely incoherent, 2:45. Drink less before posting.

anonymous said...

How is some b-grade "Brat Pack" actor going to help things?

Or is your brain still stuck in 1960 Westerns?
Maybe we should hire James West?
Or Johnny Ringo?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Tracy for pointing this out. The federal government moved to help ordinary Americans in a hurry, but there is always an angle to be exploited.