TKC Told You So: KCMO Pays BIG BUCKS For KCFD After Tax Increase Vote Pause

We hinted at the money debate YESTERDAY and now it's new fact . . . Here's the link tease and confirmation of TKC FIRST NEWS:

Kansas City could pay $3.6M for firefighter gear after COVID-19 delays citywide vote

Kansas City may spend nearly $3.6 million to replace firefighters' gear, most of which is failing inspection or past its useful lifespan, a City Council committee decided Wednesday. The Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee voted unanimously to approve the money out of the general fund.


  1. And yet the Street Car continues to run empty.

  2. A bunch of prima donas who think their good ole boy fraternity is all that and it ain’t!,

  3. Maybe a little less OT and less scamming the days off sheet.

  4. I hope they include 2,000 "My Pillows" so the FD members have a comfy nap while getting paid.

    Maybe some new horseshoes, BBQ grills, and 60 inch tvs to watch while they scratch their balls at the fire station waiting for their pension to kick in.

  5. ^^^ if you weren’t so damn lazy living off the gubmint you too could’ve had a good paying and dangerous job like being a fireman....

    Had your chance... muffed it! Hahahahaha!

  6. ^^^^Hey stupid asses, they have a Public Safety Tax and an Earnings Tax and Property Tax. Remember the Public Safety Tax? The one they said if we don't renew it all hell was gonna break loose in the city. Hows that working our for us?

    The problem with the Police, Fire and EMS is that they are a monopoly with no competition. They don't have to answer to nobody and don't have to make a profit. Just send spend spend and ask for more taxes.

    It comes down to no citizen oversight, poor management, and poor leadership. Keep voting for these taxes and the earnings tax and they will come back every few years and say the sky is falling.

    The real losers to this situation are the employees and citizens who really do want a good agency while the fat rats in the command staff and at city hall continue to make 6 figure salaries.

    But instead of complaining, let me leave you with at least one solution and you guys can add more:

    1. Sell the building at 1125 Locust and move staff to area stations. Use this money to buy equipment.


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