Thursday, April 02, 2020

TKC Seyz: Get Well Soon New Pitch Editor!!!

An insightful missive regarding the personality of the new dude in charge of The Pitch ans possibly TMI.

Take a peek:

Letter from the Editor: A series of unfortunate events

Brock uses a double thumbs-up system to indicate when he is dying and in Hell. // Photo by Vivian Kane My nurse backed away from me in abject horror. Seemingly out of viable options, we'd reached a point where there were no solutions to the long list of needs my doctor had demanded.


Anonymous said...

So what did he have?

Anonymous said...

with all the crying, it seems like he had some coping problems.

Anonymous said...

Cute little caveman

Anonymous said...


Good news: You don't have the coronavirus.

Bad news: We think you have epilepsy!!!

Anonymous said... glaring omission is an actual diagnosis.

I suppose if he had the virus all the people he interacted with came down with the virus too or not?

I call bullshit. Fake and gay.

Anonymous said...

Dude you are justification for birth control !!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was later learned all this "drama" was caused by an infected tastebud.