Friday, April 10, 2020


A bold image and a surprisingly alternative stance for a Republican sent our way this afternoon. Here's the word . . .

US Congress candidate, Ryan Derks, challenges his opponent, Emanuel Cleaver, to propose a bill ending the wars overseas and sending those funds to Americans

It's time to 100% end the wars overseas and bring the troops home. At this time, as our nation approves $8 Trillion in new money creation, I cannot think of a good reason to continue sending money into a sand pit on the other side of the world.

I support the troops so much that I want to see them back home with their families - Defending the USA. I believe we need a strong DEFENSE. The $8 Trillion spent has got us nothing but bad relations with the locals in these countries. Do we even know who the enemy is now? 20 years later?

As you read this, a huge number of our military soldiers have been extended across the globe in more than 135 nations – frequently without a clear mission, clear definition of victory, or information on when they’ll permanently be rejoined with their families.

Being the “world police” and then having the responsibility for rebuilding nations after we’ve bombed them puts our country and soldiers at risk of an actual attack, negative attitude by the world, and sends our desperately needed resources out of our own country.

The final result is taxpayer dollars being sent around the world to protect the borders of other countries while ignoring our own border security needs.

Our military actions globally since World War 2 have done little to improve international relations and done more to build resentment towards us, perhaps even enough to motivate an attack against us here at home.

Bring that money home and put it towards American's First.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Interesting, might even pick up a few votes in Midtown this way.

Gus said...

The Pencil Neck Geek vs Aunt Esther.

This should be a real cliff-hanger.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have gone so far to the right looking for mythical old time moderate conservative voters that the GOP left flanks them again and again in the last few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Why is he criticizing Trump's foreign policy?

No endorsement tweets for him.

Anonymous said...

Umm because Trump is a facsist war pig?