Friday, April 10, 2020

The Beacon Wants At Least 50 Bucks To Make Kansas City 'Journalism' Even More Boring

Here's more high praise for A VERY EXPENSIVE KANSAS CITY ONLINE NEWSLETTER that basically just uses a few 25-cent words amid far too much verbiage in order to tell the same story as local TV broadcast news . . . Only slower.

It's a poor man's NPR but another sign that THE DONOR & SUBSCRIBER MODEL IS THE NEW KC JOURNALISTIC HOTNESS for those who attempt to bank on "credibility" instead of readership. This group has been far busier beating the bushes grant money over the last year then they have been offering readers anything resembling news.

Basically, this is yet another way of preserving the professional class and smallish clique of Kansas City "journalists" (yuck) now that their revenue streams have disappeared and a non-profit future is the only path ahead . . . To be fair, here is a far more optimistic write-up for a newsletter that hasn't offered many public updates since March:

Covering the coronavirus is like covering a natural disaster, but 'everyone is going through it' - Poynter

Your daily look at how local news is covering and coping with life during the coronavirus pandemic Kelsey Ryan was supposed to start her job at The Joplin (Missouri) Globe in July of 2011. On the May day after a tornado tore through town and killed more than 150 people, she got a call from the newsroom.

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