Saturday, April 25, 2020

Tax Fighters Contend Jackson County COMBAT Doesn't Help Fight Crime

Here's a conservative review of a recent audit and big picture criticism of the largest anti-crime fund in the Kansas City metro . . . Read more:

Missouri Auditor Blasts Jackson County Anti-Crime Program

The Missouri State Auditor just released an audit of Jackson County's Community Backed Anti-Crime Tax (COMBAT) Fund. It's a doozy. The auditor uncovered that the county legislature failed to properly oversee spending, engaged in questionable real estate transactions, and misused funds. None of this should be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.


Anonymous said...

COMBAT does nothing to fight crime? Thanks for the news flash. Why waste time telling us something everyone already knew? Even Jean Petersucker Baker knows that.

Anonymous said...

Galloway releases a copycat audit to keep her name in the news. The last time we elected an auditor (as mayor) it did not turn out so well. He was better at giving foot rubs than governing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, neither Combat, churches, religious groups, Adhoc, Mothers in Charge or any other tax-payer funded but unproven group in Kansas City. Stop looking to these frauds for an answer. They don’t have it. Never did and never will. These groups are headed up by otherwise unemployable people. Its all about a paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Jackson County voters approved the extension of the Community Backed Anti-Crime Tax (COMBAT) by a record margin on Nov. 8, 2016 with 77% approving it. The quarter-cent sales tax, which generates over $20 million annually, was renewed by voters for another nine years.

“I’d like to thank voters for their support of COMBAT. It is a vital part of our success in improving the quality of life for everyone who lives in Jackson County. We are seeing real progress from our efforts,” said White.

No one will remember this audit come 2027.

Anonymous said...

How many boondoogles do we attribute to him though?