Thursday, April 16, 2020


This snarky headline makes us laugh but should also remind us that the Mr. Kobach has a great deal more name recognition than his likely opponent . . . Even if his share of mind typically inspires voters to cast their ballots in the opposite direction.

Wonkette: Poll Finds Kris Kobach Narrowly Beating Coronavirus, But Losing To Democrat In Kansas Senate Race


"Democratic candidate Barbara Bollier a narrow, two-point lead over Kobach in this year's Senate contest. Which is, coincidentally, the same margin polls had for Democrat Laura Kelly over Kobach leading up Kansas's 2018 gubernatorial race, before she dick-kicked him 48 to 43.

"In the PPP poll of 1,271 voters, about half approved of Donald Trump and preferred to vote for a Republican in November. But when asked, "If the candidates for US Senate this November were Democrat Barbara Bollier and Republican Kris Kobach, who would you vote for?" 44 percent chose Bollier, 42 percent went for Kobach, and 13 percent were undecided."

You decide . . .


anonymous said...

The Democrats need all the Senate Seats they can get when they take over both Houses of Congress and the Presidency in November!

Anonymous said...

Nooooooo! KKKansas needs KKKobach!

Anonymous said...

Kris has my vote! In the primary that is. In the general I vote against him.

Anonymous said...

Party-switching Bollier isn't going to become a US Senator.
And Kobach won't be the Republican candidate.
There hasn't been a Democratic U S Senator in Kansas since the 1930s and that's certainly not going to change in 2020.
Concocted polls don't mean squat, especially this far from November.

Anonymous said...

So who is the GOP nominee?

Pompeo ruled it out. Wagle with her platform of let churches stay open and kill people? Roger Marshall, who says stupid things like Trump has been great for farmers and poor people don't want health care. Bob Hamilton, who claims DC is still a swamp after 3+ years of Trump?

The GOP field is pathetic. At least Kobach won statewide office twice and carried 60% in one of those races.