Saturday, April 04, 2020

Social Media Shares Vivid Kansas City Coronavirus Dreams & Nightmares

The local mental health chat discovers an intriguing trend among online denizens sheltered in place but still enduring restless sleep. Read more:

Having Weird Dreams Right Now? Trust Us, You're Not Alone-Here's Why! - In Kansas City

Social media feeds are suddenly rife with "I just had the weirdest dream" posts. Is it because we're sleeping more? Less? Is quarantine causing us to go stir-crazy? We have so many questions! So we pinged our favorite registered nurse, author, and spiritual advisor Steffany Barton of Angel's Insight in Leawood for some wisdom on why...


Anonymous said...

The Imbeciles of Ink Magazine

Anonymous said...

"Spiritual Adviser"


Anonymous said...

Too bad Dave Ramsey was laughed at in KC.
They will try to build the Trolly and ignore funding food pantries.
Always the mayors job to talk big and not help the poor.

1% earnings tax has never been successful in any American City. It’s designed to keep the poor down and taxes them disproportionately.
Democrats are inherently racist.

Candace Owens is the answer. Google her

MDSF said...

.....Why is god doing this to us?
what say you christians? .....don't hold back now.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one of several mechanisms put in place to ensure the world never becomes too heavily populated and worse things happen. Unforunate, yes. But necessary at times, yes. With the two eyes God designed for you inside a skull God designed for you, you can read this response -- and that is glorious.

Anonymous said...

All suffering is atonement for sin.

Periods of promiscuity and licentiousness are followed by wars and depressions.

Corruption of public officials will lead to community suffering.