Friday, April 17, 2020

Show-Me Worsening Missouri Outbreak

The latest numbers from the Show-Me State are horrific . . . Here's a look:

More than 400 new coronavirus cases reported in Missouri

O'FALLON, MO (AP) -- The number of new confirmed coronavirus cases in Missouri had it's biggest one-day increase, jumping by more than 400 Friday and claiming 16 more lives. Data from Johns Hopkins University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering, which has been tracking cases worldwide, showed 418 newly-confirmed cases, bringing the total to 5,560.


Anonymous said...

Great news we are still at a fraction of the "best case" projection of 200 to 500K deaths if we do everything perfectly.

Professor John Oxford is one of the UK’s foremost virus experts and runs the UK’s only secure isolation ward for testing treatments for viruses on behalf of a company called Open Orphan (ORPH). He has today sent a letter lashing out at a “media epidemic” and saying that Covid 19 is in fact less bad than a normal flu season. He says there will be fewer than 8,000 UK deaths from Coronavirus.
He disclosed he is a shareholder in Open Orphan and as a company it is a winner from Covid 19 hysteria which makes Professor Oxford’s comments all the more remarkable .
Professor Oxford’s letter does contain a warning for fatter, diabetic younger people but his overall conclusion goes to show that Coronavirus is, perhaps, the greatest exercise in GroupThink folly this country has ever witnessed. As such the policy response of this Government, hurtling us into recession without any hard data to justify its decisions, must be seen as, potentially, the most catastrophic misjudgment, albeit one whipped up by a media and political mob.

Anonymous said...

WHO takes it's orders from not only the UN but also from China. The virus has had numerous and faulty stats. Everyday it's a different number of cases and of deaths that they admitted were not COVID-19 deaths. Notice how all of these CA celebrities are crying they have the virus but the next day they are miraculously cured?

Anonymous said...

Most people get over It you moron.

Anonymous said...

The biggest source of faulty stats is that reported cases are only those that can be confirmed by testing but thanks to Trump there are far too few TrumpVirus test kits, you moron.

Anonymous said...

How do you test the 85% who get it without any symptoms and the other 14% with mild symptoms?

Everyone seriously ill is tested.

Everyone that dies for any reason is tested and if positive then listed as a china aids death.

Anonymous said...

Every TKC article about Coronavirus numbers always has comments explaining how the disease was blown out of proportion.

I've often thought that the reduction in numbers is due to everyone embracing social distancing. This is what the numbers are supposed to look like AFTER drastic measures.