Sunday, April 05, 2020

Show-Me Worsening Battles With Addiction During Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

People coping with substance abuse problems are under additional stress and often can't reach out for help with social distancing enforced. Read more:

Coronavirus outbreak expected to increase drug and alcohol addiction in Missouri

(MONET) - COVID-19 related limits have made many Missourians feel cooped up at home. Getting out and staying active serves as an outlet for people, especially those battling drug and alcohol addiction. Missouri Department of Mental Health Director Mark Stringer expects an increase in the number of people who mishandle these substances and who struggle [...]


Anonymous said...

Drinking is not the answer. Drinking only adds insult to injury. Drinking is for weak people.

Anonymous said...

Blogs are for weak people. Look at all the pussy experts here.

Anonymous said...

Missouri residents have always had a drug and drinking problem so the quote, unquote so call experts now have something to really blame it on other than trailer trash mentality.

Anonymous said...

A drunk or a druggie doesn't need much of an excuse to get blasted on vodka or to get and stay high for the next month.

Anonymous said...

Druggies gonna drug,
Drinkers gonna drink,
Haters gonna post,
Whatcha gonna do?

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