Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Show-Me Protesters Demanding Reopen Missouri As Doctors Say No Dice

A celebration of liberty and a quick medical smackdown . . .

When can we start to reopen Missouri? Not yet, St. Louis doctors say . . . “For the sake of our economy and our community at large, we have to make sure we do this right. We don’t get a second chance of doing this right.”

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Hundreds of protesters gather at Capitol for 'Reopen Missouri' rally | 'We want our lives back'

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. ( -- Hundreds of protesters marched in Jefferson City Tuesday to demand the state 'reopen' for business amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Reopen Missouri Rally began near the Capitol and protesters, many carrying signs and flags, then marched to the governor's mansion.


Diddling Don said...

Covidiots demand FREEDUMB!

Anonymous said...

Diddling Don demands SLAVERY!

There once was a Don who would diddle
But could never solve his own riddle
"An ass, a jerk, a fool, and a hole"
Don fucked himself with his tiny pole!

Anonymous said...

Fvck STL. Parson needs to rescind this bullshit emergency order. If STL wants to keep shut down until 2022 like the prog deep-state brigade led by faux scientists der furer Fauci and Scarves demand, so be it. Literally nothing in STL has any impact in my life except their apparent iron fisted grip on Parson's nugs.

Anonymous said...

Covidiots are easy to spot.