Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Show-Me Legal Debate Over Missouri Lawsuit Against 'Deceit' Of China & Communist Party

For the layman, this report offers a better glimpse at the issue in question:

"China, however, is protected by sovereign immunity, and Missouri's got no standing to sue it, even in American courts.

"Missouri AG Schmitt says there's an exception for commercial activity, and he alleges that labs and hospitals are commercial ventures. He's also counting the Communist Party as a non-state actor, which he says fortifies his legal argument."

Read more:

Missouri Sues China, Communist Party Over The Coronavirus Pandemic

The state of Missouri is suing China for that country's handling of the coronavirus outbreak. It's the first such lawsuit brought by a state, and relies on an unusual interpretation of federal law. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, a Republican, blames China for letting the coronavirus spread.


Byron Funkhouser said...

"... Communist Party as a non-state actor."

If you're going to pretend that China is a communist country, then how can you claim that the Communist Party is a non-state actor? In this fantasy, the Party is the State.

Guess who keeps buying up all of our debt?

greg said...

This lawsuit couldnt have taken place in the past. However 7 parents who lost kids in Sept 11th fought in court to sue Saudi Arabia and won the right to sue a country. The President, Obama, tried to overrule it, but Congress sided with the families, So now we can sue counties for damages they cause us. Win and you get to claim their Gold sitting in the Federal Reserve if they dont pay up!

Anonymous said...

One again Byron, you are the greatest mind in History. Please keep your mindless rants flowing as the popcorn is popping.

anonymous said...

And you do realize Trumplestiltskin, other Countries can now sue the USA (you and me) for the horse crap that Washington has committed over the last three years, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Byron, guess who pays for your monthly fraudelent welfare check.