Friday, April 24, 2020

Show-Me Internets Tech Crackdown Demand From Missouri Senator Josh Hawley

The Missouri MAGA true believer is talking about reopening the country but he's also ramping up arguments against big tech in a move that doesn't have a great deal of bi-partisan support. Read more:

Josh Hawley again Demands FTC 'Overhaul' amid Accusations Amazon Steals Seller Data | National Review

Senator Josh Hawley (R., Mo.) has reiterated his calls to "overhaul the FTC" in the wake of fresh allegations that Amazon steals independent-seller data to inform its business decisions, in violation of its own published policies.


Anonymous said...

It may be true but it's impossible to know if any MAGAT is seriious or if it's just another Trumpy sarcastic fake out like bleach injection.

Wait a few days I guess, to see if Hawley blames a random reporter for his stupid mistakes?

anonymous said...

You were elected to represent and do things for the People of Missouri, not to desperately grab headlines during your frantic Job Search in your hometown of Washington!