Monday, April 20, 2020

Show-Me Coronavirus Gun Sales Winning In Missouri And Across The USA

Linked for a sense of "place" and a reality check about how this nation REALLY FEELS about the 2nd Amendment in principal and practice . . . Read more:

Firearm sales spike in Missouri, as in much of U.S.

Larry Wayland paused a phone conversation to greet customers and offer his help. He later interrupted himself again to make sure those outside stayed put because his gun shop, Modern Arms, had reached capacity. Most businesses are struggling to survive a drop in sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Anonymous said...

Things will turn nasty. I myself bought an assault rifle last summer, plus two other hand guns. If they open the city and the virus keeps spreading or if they keep the city closed the situation is a no win either way. And then of course the criminals in the city on a good day is not so good.

Typical Gun Owner said...

I've got a confidence problem.