Saturday, April 25, 2020

Show-Me 143MPH On I-70

More deets on local highway LUDICROUS speed during the lockdown . . . Read more:

Open roads during pandemic lead to dangerous speeds by some Missouri drivers

The driver of a sporty Dodge Charger wanted to see what his car could do, and he recently rocketed to 143 mph before a Missouri trooper caught up with him in western Missouri. On the same day, an SUV raced along Interstate 44 near Valley Park at 115 mph.


Anonymous said...

My Maserati does 185!

MDSF said...

..If you want to hear bikes and imports from Aristo.Mtrs. on
SMPWY....any time 110mph+........c'mon cops doing anything 'bout it......obviously they don't give a fuck! Not good PR for Merriam,Ks. ......