Friday, April 24, 2020

Shawnee Fields Shut Down Amid Rampant Coroanvirus Lockdown Violations

The Golden Ghetto isn't so great at considerations of public health . . . Here's what might be the municipal remedy . . . Read more:

Shawnee Mission School District closes all athletic fields

The Shawnee Mission School District said Friday that it has decided to close all of its athletic fields to comply with physical distancing guidelines recommended during the pandemic.The school district said several attempts were made to find a compromise to allow people to use the fields as long as personal distancing was followed."Unfortunately, the district continued to experience repeated violations of those guidelines, as well as attempts to circumvent the spirit of the guidelines by organized groups," district officials said in a news release.The school said all athletic fields will be closed for now.


Anonymous said...

Taxpayers property, closed. F__k them.

Anonymous said...


When students only sought to stay in shape and hone their skills, school district administrators prevented them from reaching their goals!!!

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Its amazing how “guidelines” have become the equivelant of a Papal Bull

Anonymous said...

8:20, good point. At this point, we have way too many "big fish, small pond" types way too drunk on the power they think they have these days. I've got to hope that the citizenry they work for remember these decisions on election day.