Saturday, April 18, 2020


These are grown folks pushing back against public health rules prescribed to help the entire community . . . Meanwhile, growing debate over civil liberties has created tension and rebuke of lockdown orders across the nation.

And so Saturday afternoon good times stage a fun day protest against the rule. Read more:

Group gathers to play softball at Shawnee Mission Northwest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A large group of people gathered at Shawnee Mission Northwest to play a game of softball despite social distancing guidelines. 41 Action News witnessed the game taking place. "This is not permitted, and we will send someone out to ask them to leave," said David Smith with Shawnee Mission School District.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha good for them. Eff those tinpot dictators and their fake shit fear mongering. Maybe, just maybe people are starting to wake up.

Anonymous said...

No point in keeping everyone alive forever if they are conscripted to live in chains. Pols only care about getting blamed for people getting sick because they were allowed to live their lives the way they want to.

If I wanted to live in China, i'd move my ass their!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the leftist democrats they will never control the population of the US and any further attempts to do so will be at great risk to their lousy deviant careers. Their time will come next November when about a hundred of the mentally ill pieces of shit will be sent packing

greg said...

Are they stupid? Older people, like their parents will die cause of them

Anonymous said...

ThIs Is NOt PerrMitddd!!!

We're all GOnnA DIE.

Fake media hysteria.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Adam Schiff in charge of solving this crisis? I thought he had all the evidence and the answers about everything and would save the world from harm.

Anonymous said...

Fewer than one in one thousand JoCo residents are officially infected. Let’s say 10 times that are asymptomatic. That’s one in a hundred - sufficient cause to avoid a crowd, but a few dozen people outside enjoying themselves spread out on a ball diamond? Get real.