Saturday, April 25, 2020

Rock Chalk Grad Student Teachers Cracking Up Under Coronavirus Pressure

The Millennial and NEXTGEN might not be able to handle increasing pressure . . . Here's proof:

Graduate teaching assistant union at KU says it is facing a mental health crisis, employees will soon begin taking leaves of absence

Graduate teaching assistants at the University of Kansas say they are facing a mental health crisis that may cause many to stop teaching during the pandemic, while the university's provost said she's concerned the GTA's union is on the verge of illegally striking. The Graduate Teaching Assistants Coalition, whose member base consists of over 1,000 [...]


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the guy who makes the ku = gay comments around here hasn't taken sick with the Corona.

Be a goddamn shame to lose that level of wit.

Anonymous said...

They should be happy to be in a sheltered place like a University teaching theories They have a union. Damn .I want big government to pay me.