Sunday, April 12, 2020

Riight Wing Shawnee, Kansas Bloggy Reaction To Kansas Guv Kelly Stay At Home Easter Church Crackdown Victory

A few good points in this missive that seems rather salty for an excuse to sleep-in on Sunday . . . Read more:

Religious Freedom and the COVID-19 Pandemic

All across the country there are now disputes about religious freedom and the various social distancing orders because of COVID-19. Here in Kansas Gov. Kelly attempted to remove the exemption for religious institutions which was quickly stifled by the legislative panel entrusted with reviewing her executive orders.


Super Dave said...

The man is very right about what he says.

Anonymous said...

Governor Kelly, Kansas Supreme Court will have to answer to God for their actions. Lenin and Stalin destroyed religion as they did not want the Russians, Poles, Hungarians, East Germans etc to have faith in God and Jesus and an alternative to Communism. Democrats and Governor Kelly are reviving this Communist ideology and policies.

Golf courses, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, doughnut shops, liquor stores, gun shops are open but churches can not hold services on Easter Sunday?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he wasn't griping about government interference when Congress stepped in to give his favorite church a nanny state tax exempt free ride on every public service.