Saturday, April 25, 2020

Possibly Pointless Happy Rock Coronavirus Self-Testing Now Underway

A quick guide to the process that might be a waste of time given that there’s No Evidence You’ll Be Immune To The Coronavirus If You've Been Infected Before, The WHO Said.

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What it's like to self-administer a coronavirus test at new Gladstone Walmart testing site

GLADSTONE, Mo. - Current COVID-19 testing is not easy to get. There are several parameters a person must meet before they qualify to get one of the limited tests. Plus, taking the test isn't pleasant - if you can get it. Some physicians describe it as feeling like a brain biopsy.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't listen to anything WHO says, they have been up China's butt for years and taking orders from China and the UN. You kinda got to wonder why the US has been funding labs in China when we have our own labs. Obama threw tons of money at China. Seem sort of shady doesn't it. Of course the democrats don't believe it even when they see it. But just take a look at what happened! Accident? Doubtful!

Anonymous said...

Bidens family has a Billion Dollar plus deal with China. If he gets in power he will sell us out. You ain't seen nothing yet!