Outbreak Argument: Lawsuit Targets KCK Rehab Coronavirus Deadly Hotspot

A great many courtroom fights await after the pandemic . . . Here's a quick breakdown of the this upcoming slapfight:

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against KCK rehabilitation facility where 27 have died from COVID-19

An attorney filed a wrongful death lawsuit Thursday in Wyandotte County court against Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation.The facility in Kansas City, Kansas, is where 27 people have died of COVID-19 and another 119 residents or employees have contracted it .


  1. Sue then into oblivion. Next, all businesses that have someone get sick. Signed...a Happy Lawyer!!!

    1. What part of Care do you not understand ?

  2. The company that owns the Riverbend facility has approximately 5-10 locations in the state of Kansas, and a large number of others in multiple states across the country.

    Legally, each location is structured as a separate corporate entity. What no doubt will happen with Riverbend, unless the federal government grants immunity to COVID-19 providers, is that they will declare bankruptcy. All the other locations in KS and the parent corporation will continue business as usual.


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