Friday, April 10, 2020

Only Single-Payer Healthcare Can Save Kansas City From Coronavirus?!?!

Progressive advocacy reminds us that the only way the current system proves effective for the working-class is if they never get sick . . . Here's advocacy/journalism attacking an admitted weak point for the GOP in 2020 among the sickly, the broke-ass, socialists missing Bernie badly and a few random voters who don't want to just blame brown people for all of their problems.

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Age of Coronavirus: Pandemic Exposes Health Insurance Gaps

As unemployment claims skyrocket to unprecedented levels amid the COVID-19 outbreak, millions of Amercians suddenly are being pushed out of work - and often out of health insurance coverage. In just three weeks, nearly 17 million Americans have filed first-time unemployment claims. Within weeks, the nation's unemployment rate is widely expected to surge into double-digits.


Anonymous said...

Hospitals make money from babies and elective surgeries. Hospitals do not make money from emergency rooms. Hospitals do not make money from COVID 19 patients.

Retro ROCKER said...

The Streets of the U.S.COULD HAVE BEEN PAVED IN GOLD and Free health care for the Majority. But the money was spent on wars for control of Oil FOR the oil companies THE PETROLEUM DOLLAR. AND AID TO Country's in the TRILLIONS, and the leaders put the money in there pocket. And Taxpayers paid for it. The World is one GREAT HOAX. My number one tune.

Anonymous said...

If Democrats wanted single payer they should not have voted for Joe Biden because he does not support single payer health care.

Anonymous said...

So, we should have voted for Bernie? How do you see Bernie getting any of these things passed? You know how our government works right? That's the thing about Bernie supporters. They think if he's elected he can wave some magic wand and poof, free college, free healthcare. Our government doesn't work that way.

People voted for Biden because:
a. Trump is moron and couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag
b. Bernie would bring absolutely zero moderate Republicans votes that are necessary to get rid of Trump.

If Bernie had the movement his supporters think he has, he would've smoked Biden. Apparently his voters don't really turn out real well.

Anonymous said...

If you think the dems would ever enact single payer you are a easily we forget how everything fails by a single vote ala clair mccaskill last time the dems controlled both house with super majorities and had obama as president...there is no shortage of suckers in this country.

Let's see Biden in office over 40 years, schumer for over 30 and pelosi nearly 30 but sure these guys are gonna do this time.

Anonymous said...

Let me know when someone is refused medical treatment for corona virus because they don't have health insurance. Won't happen. And every worthless shot up ghetto rat gets expensive treatment for free. In effect we already have universal health care, regardless of coverage.

Anonymous said...

How to make "our" government work for good things? By forcing old kranks out of power. O guess you never thought of that while you were busy gunning up stupid excuses for the poisonous oligarchy.

Unknown said...

You think health care is expensive now? Just wait till it's "free". How many hip replacements do they do in Venezuela and Cuba, or the UK and Canada, for that matter. BS.