New KCI Propaganda Harder To Believe As Coronavirus Pandemic Continues

Here's the latest update carried unquestioningly by "journalists" as the new terminal navigates an uncertain future for air travel.

To be fair, the smaller facility now makes a bit more sense even if it's far too dependent on big airlines that are faltering and in desperate need of government bailout.

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Massive Airline Slowdown Due To COVID-19 Does Not Imperil Kansas City's New Terminal, Analysts Say

The coronavirus pandemic is causing one of the worst aviation upheavals in history, and Kansas City International Airport has seen its flight and passenger numbers plummet. Airlines serving Kansas City have cut their flights by more than 35% and many planes have very few passengers.


  1. They can not run Spirit airlines out of town, demolishing the other terminals would be extremely short sighted, just like the process for constructing the new terminal.

  2. They really should have just started "building" the new airport in the fields next to KCI. Keep the existing facility in full operation. Then, when it inevitably goes belly up, they got their play money, did some fake work, then we can just keep using the old facility in full operation.

  3. Today would be a great time to pull The plug on this totally unnecessary overpriced touristy boondoggle.

  4. That's so cool the calamity is not a problem, so this spurious project can keep sucking the nanny state teet until it runs dry.

  5. No, the coronavirus doesn't imperil the airport terminal "project".
    It just imperils ever being able to pay for it.
    $2 billion and heading north.

  6. No more complaints about the construction today. Frankly the airport will be built and the zero air traffic enables the airport to build without interruption from the airport operations. A bit like trying to renovate a house with the people in the house (or the people not in the house). The article does highlight the value of listening to Kathryn Shields. The city is spending too much money. The aviation does have cash to spare, the city does not.

  7. This will be a boondoggle that someday is the lead story on 60 Minutes. At least with the pandemic the city can blame it on something else instead of its ineptitude.


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