Wednesday, April 08, 2020

More Missouri Coronavirus Cases & Death

Afternoon totals as infections continue to rise along with fatalities . . . Read more:

Missouri adds 290 new cases of COVID-19 to top 3,300 mark

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services said Wednesday the Show-Me State has reached 3,327 cases of COVID-19 and 58 deaths have been reported.The new numbers mean that Missouri saw an increase of 290 cases from Tuesday and five additional deaths were reported.


Anonymous said...

Oh muh gawd, oh no, we're all dyeing, please no, stay at home, you ruffians, Imma call the hotline on y'all. Parson's needs marital law enacted now, we need to stop these deaths, we ain't safe no mo. Lock this state down until the death rate is zero. LOCK IT DOWN

Anonymous said...

The reason you're seeing low numbers is because we're locked down. When social distancing works effectively, people question its necessity.

Anonymous said...

Trump lied; Missourians died. Thanks, sleepy GOP.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ China lied and now you’re gonna die! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

EVEN with altered and very liberal reporting guidelines to inflate the coronavirus numbers, many more Missouri residents have died from influenza than the "invisible enemy" known as coronavirus.

States are incentivized to report routine deaths from old age, cardiovascular, pulmonary, etc., related disease as "coronavirus as a contributory cause."
They get reimbursed for reporting higher deaths related to the virus.